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Cargo Insurance

Any cargo owner is interested for his cargo to be delivered at the place of destination in full and without damages. But quite frequently a freight forwarder/carrier can’t control road conditions, unreliable package of fragile goods by an owner or a manufacturer, weather force-majeure and other factors affecting cargo safety. There is also a risk of loss or damage when the cargo is in consolidated warehouse. That is why we recommend insurance of transported goods to avoid possible expenses.

Leading insurance companies focusing on cargo insurance are among Rusagro’s partners. Trust-based relations with insurance companies and knowledge of insurance products (coverage and exclusions) allow ensuring maximal protection of our customers’ interests.

Any cargo shipped by road, railroad, air or sea may be insured under international standards. Insurance covers all period of transportation starting from collection of cargo from a supplier at the place of dispatch to delivery of cargo to the place of destination and delivery to an end recipient (designated beneficiary). We agree with you and select an optimal coverage for you not to be afraid of economic losses from cargo or its part damage or loss resulting from:

  • storm, stress of weather, hurricane and other Acts of God
  • Unlawful acts and/or intentional cargo damage by third parties
  • Road accidents, shipwreck, handling accidents
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