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Chinese ports


International port of Shanghai bears the name of a Chinese city where it is located. The port itself connects south and north of China and has a huge advantage – commencement of a sea passage thus making the port location very beneficial in terms of logistics and economics.


It is an international deep-sea port of China with dock capacity 100 million tons per year. The port is in 50 of largest container shipping points and it is very advantageous because it is located in the center of Mainland China coast.


A city and a port located around southern part of Liaodong Peninsula. Due to its specific location (surrounded by see from three sides), Dalian port is justly considered as Inner Mongolia gates. Russian consignors know this port as Dalniy.


Being located on the shore of Pacific Ocean, connecting Asian and European countries and having intensive railroad infrastructure, Tianjin is considered as the most important port city in international shipments of China.


It is the largest port of Shandong that has 47 berths with over 600 lift trucks. It is located on the shore of Jiaozhou bay and has 1 mln m2 of warehouses thus satisfying needs of international carriers in full.


It is one of the most important ports located in close proximity to Hong-Kong, in the south of Guangdong province. Western part of a coast has deep fairway and provides for work with oversized vessels.


Fuzhou port is located on the east of Taiwan Strait and is the central place of arrangement of cargo transportation and seal lines of Mainland China and Fujian province.


Port Lianyungang is located on the shore of the Yellow Sea and is the starting place for the most part of Chinese trade turnover. Due to multipath road network and simplified taxation system, the port is an important chain of international trade.


Port city Qinhuangdao is subordinated to the Chinese Government and is located in the north of the country. The port transmits the largest charcoal flow in the world and has four railroad spurs ending at berths and a buried oil pipe line.


Dandong is the only one ice-free port of Northern coast of China and is an integral logistic part between the Russian Federation, China, Japan, Korea and Mongolia. That is why Dandong port may be considered as a central commercial point in North-East Asia economic area.


Except Shenzhen port, Guangdong province has also Santou port (in the East). Being the only commencement of sea passage for ships delivering goods by the Han River, Lianjiang and Zhong Jiang River, the port is called “Mountain Chain Gates”.


Wenzhou port services cargo carriage of nine Zhejiang counties and two other provinces – Fujian and Taizhou. The port has an exit to the East China Sea and regularly accepts 10000-tonners.

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