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Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is a specific process with many complicated issues related to execution of documents. Customs clearance procedure is subject to regular changes. 
To avoid problems with customs clearance that may lead to downtime or loss of cargo, Rusagro performs customs clearance of customers’ cargo acting as a declarant and mediator in communications with customs authorities.

With our obtained experience in cross-border transportation of goods, we can promptly and without any obstacles formalize customs clearance at sea ports, key international airports and road border control posts.

Our specialists will prepare all necessary documents including filling of customs declarations, preparation of supporting copies and originals, and will help to pay customs duties and will accompany your cargo at all customs clearance stages.

Cargo customs clearance procedure includes:

  1. Collection and execution of set of necessary (customs) documents: seller’s invoices containing detailed list of items, quantity and price of shipped goods, shipping documents, packing lists, prove of goods payment, bank details of a company, payment orders for customs duties, contract and transaction certificate (if any).
  2. Prove of classification code of goods, obtaining of permissions – certificates, reports.
  3. Submission of documents to customs authorities, participation of our specialist at customs inspection (if needed) and another representation of a customer’s interests against customs authorities.

Related customs clearance services:

We understand importance of customs clearance procedure and are ready to provide you related services for you not to waste time and spend it on resolution of important business issues.

  • Registration of your Company as a participant of foreign economic activities
  • Assistance in correct preparation of foreign economic agreement/contract
  • Preliminary calculation of customs duties and total cost of transportation
  • Legal advice on customs clearance including support upon reimbursement of excess payments and filling of statistical forms
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