Authorized Economic Operator

FEA Outsourcing

Outsourcing of some procurements, delivery and customs clearance obligations is much needed in wholesale and by business in general due to increasing customs and tax legislative pressure.

If customers have no engineering capabilities or desire to conduct foreign economic operations by themselves, Rusagro can perform full scope of FEA outsourcing works that includes:

  • Procurements
  • Settlement of controversial issues related to documents and shipment method with a Supplier
  • Customs services related to customs clearance and execution of goods authorization documents
  • Comprehensive logistics under INCOTERMS
  • Provision of benefits stipulated for an Authorized economic operator
  • Provision of complete set of closing documents for delivered goods

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FEA outsourcing will give an opportunity to:

  • Allocate time and labor resources of the Company efficiently
  • Focus on development of priority areas
  • Avoid mistakes that may lead to serious financial and reputational damages related to customs delay of goods
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