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Types of certificates

Goods listed in legal nomenclature with Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature code are subject to compulsory certification. Such goods are governed by specific legal acts.

  1. Voluntary certification


    Voluntary certification of goods is performed by manufacturer’s, seller’s or supplier’s initiative. Certification is based on “Goods and Service Certification” Act.

  2. Certificate of Origin


    Certificate contains information about country or region of manufacture. This document is needed for customs duty calculation. Along with declaration, the certificate shall be included in a set of documents necessary for import of goods to customs territory. Goods are not placed under a custom procedure without these documents. This certificate is issued by an authorized body of exporting country. In Russian this function is performed by Chamber of Commerce or by an accredited company. The Certificate is valid for 1 year. The Certificate covers only specific batch of goods and each subsequent delivery shall be subject to separate certification.

  3. Safety Certificate


    This certificate certifies compliance of goods to the product certification standards (GOST) in force. This document is a guarantee of product good quality. The document may be issued only by a company accredited by respective body. Accreditation shall be valid and signed by the Head of Federal engineering regulation and metrology agency. The certificate itself shall be issued on a corporate letterhead, shall be protected against fraud and shall contain correct details of a legal entity.

  4. Quarantine or Fumigation Certificate


    This certificate certifies health status of plant or animal products. This international document is also issued by exporting country where a quarantine body proves phytosanitary condition of imported goods. The certificate shall cover each shipping unit and shall be a part of shipment documents.

  5. Veterinary Certificate


    A special document that proves pathogenic disease safety of animals, raw materials and products of processing on the date of transportation. 

  6. Grain Inspection Certificate


    This certificate proves quality and safety compliance of grain, products of processing, complete feed and ingredients. This document is issued by special certification bodies or by some duly accredited test laboratories.

  7. Health Certificate


    The certificate certifies compliance to hygienic standards (HS) and sanitary rules or SanPin. The document may be issued to an applicant basing on an expert evaluation performed by State Sanitary & Epidemiological Surveillance Agency bodies and validity period of the document is five years. Test results shall be registered in a report. Some products require a Health Certificate to obtain a Certificate of Conformity. List of products subject to compulsory health certification is set forth in Appendix 5 to Order No 776 of Russian Federal Consumer Rights Protection and Human Health Control Service.

  8. Fire Safety Certificate


    The certificate is a prove of compliance to fire inspection requirements to specific objects.

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