Authorized Economic Operator

Vegetables and fruits supply

One of the priority areas of Rusagro is the supply of fresh vegetables and fruits to retail chains in the Russian Federation. Realizing the importance of the quality of this group of goods for our customers and end users, we control the full delivery cycle from the manufacturer's warehouse to the recipient's warehouse.

Having direct contracts with producers of fruits and vegetables in Turkey, Egypt, Serbia, Macedonia, Tunisia and Uzbekistan, Rusagro guarantees its customers high quality goods.

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AEO RusAgro cooperates exclusively with trusted suppliers.
  • The advantages of the Authorized Economic Operator make it possible to speed up the delivery of perishable products to our partners.
  • Fast transit of customs procedures, release of goods before the submission of the Customs Declaration, allows you to reduce the delivery time of perishable products to the store.
  • We keep the quality and freshness of perishable goods and "extend" the terms of their sale.
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